My name is Costantino, originally from the province of Bari but moved to Bologna for work.

I started photographing when I was about ten years old, with a camera (almost a toy) that my grandfather gave me as a gift, by far the first subject I ever photographed.

I approached a more reasoned photograph in 2015, on the occasion of my honeymoon in Japan, whose selection of photographs can be found on this same site.

I am self-taught, except for a course held at the “Spazio Labò” center in Bologna, which allowed me to reinforce the knowledge I had acquired in the readings made in recent periods.

I don’t have a favorite photographic genre, I know for sure that I like the portrait and the landscape, the photo in the studio with artificial light, and that the street doesn’t succeed me despite the genre I like it very much.

If you want to take a look at my other photos, you can follow me on Instagram (account kosta.lorusso).